Top Tips For Vegan Catering

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Unless you’ve been paying no attention whatsoever to the news over the last few months, you’ll have noticed that the concept of living a cruelty-free life has completely blown up and veganism has gone mainstream… and incredibly quickly to boot.

No doubt catering companies in Lincolnshire and elsewhere have already noticed this trend and it would come as no surprise if party planners are now putting in requests left, right and centre for vegan options for buffets, wedding breakfasts and more.

If this is something you’re considering for your next event and isn’t a route you’ve gone down before, taking extra time to plan is a must. But it’s key to remember that veganism is inclusive because, while not everyone eats meat and dairy products, we can and do all eat vegan food.

There are lots of classic dishes that are vegan without even thinking about it so you won’t be compromising on the fare you can offer your guests in any way. Falafels, hummus, grain dishes like couscous, rice, risotto, tabbouleh, curries, pies, pizza, vegan sausage and mash, roasted vegetables, pasta… the list is endless and you could have an awful lot of fun devising a vegan menu.

The Vegan Society has a helpful vegan catering guide that, while tailored more towards hospitals and care homes, could be a good place to begin a bit of research. It’ll help you find out more about what vegans can and can’t eat so you can avoid any pitfalls, as well as teaching you how make a few little changes to familiar dishes so they’re suitable for all to enjoy.


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