Have Tasting Menus Fallen Out of Favour?

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When you’ve got an important dinner party to throw, choosing the best private chef Lincolnshire has to offer not only lets you spend time with your guests to give them the attention they deserve, but also ensure your dinner is inspired by the latest and greatest dining trends.

One question you may be asking, for example, is whether you want us to create a tasting menu for your guests? These menus are made up of numerous, smaller portions, made famous by the most experimental Michelin starred restaurants, to test unusual and exciting combinations without fear that if any are not to diners taste, there will be many that certainly are.

However, according to The Telegraph, tasting menus have now fallen out of vogue with restaurants. Celebrity chef Aiden Byrne, who is opening a new restaurant in Manchester, said that: “Our busy modern lives and sometimes restricted budgets mean that lengthy tasting menus aren’t always an option.”

Another top chef, Daniel Clifford, also said he was seeing away with his tasting menu at his restaurant as customers want choice, not to be ‘preached to’.

While the chefs admit that there is still room for tasting menus at certain luxurious settings, it’s clear it’s no longer a trend for new restaurants.

The question is: is the same true for home dining with a private chef? Perhaps not. A dinner party is not an instant of dining and dashing, as guests have usually given over the whole evening to dinner plans. Likewise, you don’t usually offer choice, apart from to those with intolerances or dietary requirements, meaning that a tasting menu can still avoid any unfortunate aversions to different foods which can really put a guest off.


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