Naturally Gluten Free Catering

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If you want the best buffet catering Lincoln has to offer for your gluten free guests, then make sure you talk to us.

Gluten-free diets are rising in popularity and necessity. They can be split into two types: the type of diet a coeliac may need to follow which involves eating no gluten whatsoever, including cross contaminated products, and people who are avoiding gluten for other reasons.

One of the healthiest and easiest ways to go gluten-free is to go naturally gluten-free. This means that rather than using gluten-free alternatives to some ingredients like pasta, and flour, you instead chose completely different foods. This may mean getting your carbs from sweet potatoes, and baking with rice or almond flour for example.

This means that if you want to provide a gluten-free buffet for your event, it is often a good idea to provide dishes that are naturally gluten-free rather than bothering with gluten-free alternatives.

Some examples of naturally gluten-free dishes include, fishcakes, polenta, steak and chips or roast chicken.

If you want a less formal buffet then go for mezze and tapas options without the bread. Some people probably won’t even notice! Dips with veggie crudités make a good alternative to chips or bread, so load up on these for your party.

If you have decided to go down this route then don’t forget that some drinks also contain gluten. So rather than opting for grain based drinks such as beer and whiskey, you can provide your guests with good wines instead.


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