Seasonal Spring Flavours

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If you are planning on laying on the best buffet catering Lincoln has to offer this spring, then make sure you make the most of seasonal flavours.

Spring brings with it some of the best flavours of the year including gooseberry, elderflower and herbal notes such as mint and tarragon. You will also have access to lovely spring vegetables such as asparagus and the first spring greens, sprouting broccoli and miniature beetroot and carrots.

Consider using the flavours in some of the following:


If you have already settled on your food consider getting spring flavours into your drinks. Consider citrusy and elderflower or even herbal cordials to add to fizzy water or even prosecco. Some can be brilliant in a gin and tonic. Mint is a great and unusual addition to any cocktail bar, alcoholic or otherwise.


Gooseberries can be included in everything from meat dishes through to your desserts. They can be good on their own with sugar and shortbread, or as part of a mixed fruit medley.

If you want to serve it with meat then try serving this with a pots of gooseberry and sage sauce on the side, for an unusual twist.


Obviously elderflower cordial is great for pretty much anything You can add it to drinks, desserts and ice creams to name but a few. If you really want to make a show of this though consider adorning dishes with elderflower, or dusting them with sugar to serve alongside desserts.


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