2018 Food Trends

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The best buffet catering Lincoln has to offer is used to incorporating food trends into the packages that we offer.

Consider some of these trends touted by BBC Good Food for your next event:

Alcohol-free beverages

You need to consider the drivers at any event and a great way of doing that is to ensure that you have some alcohol-free cocktails available. These are also great for people who may want to avoid alcohol for other reasons.

Special teas

Similar to the alcohol free-trend, serving special types of tea is a great way to introduce special, non-alcoholic drinks. Much like coffee aficionados, there are many different types of tea that will impress serious tea drinkers. Consider getting a white tea, or matcha for after your event.

Fermented foods

With the rise in interest in gut friendly foods many people are interested in eating foods that have been fermented. This can include proper pickles, but also foods such as sauerkraut and kimchi. Get some of these on your menu to show your guests your hipster side.

Hyper local food

This has been popular for some time, but the hyper local trend isn’t going away. Whether it involves serving some preserves from a local deli, or going the whole hog and serving only food sourced from local ingredients, this is a great way to make an event memorable.

Craft butter

In a similar vein, craft butter is proving popular, with people seeking out butter from specific farms and dairies. Serve this alongside the bread rolls to get your meal off to a brilliant start.


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