Work And Wellness: Corporate Events To Reinvigorate Employee Moral

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A typical work day for many people includes dealing with pressing deadlines, attempting to squeeze in an inter-departmental meeting and lunch breaks that are over in a flash. As a result, by the end of the week everyone feels burnt-out, stressed and lacking in motivation.

Things are changing, however, with new approaches to smart-working, flexible schedules and employee health initiatives being adopted by many of the most dynamic and forward-thinking businesses. In fact, the Global Wellness Summit, a yearly event to facilitate healthy growth for industries by inspiring a spirit of collaboration to solve shared problems, announced it’s 2018 theme as, “Shaping the Business of Wellness”.

The event will see the gathering of companies who are specialised in providing employee well-being programs; in the holistic disciplines of business coaching and team-building entirely centred around healthy physical and mental wellbeing to strengthen team dynamics.

In this article, we shall be outlining some of the standard formats events professionals are adopting in 2018.


Well-Being Events: A Typical Day

Firstly, the format of wellness activities are based on the client’s needs and expectations, and can be delivered over a day, weekend or periodically to ensure continued reinvigoration of team members.

A typical day will start with a relaxed team chat, perhaps in a local spa, to discuss mental and physical aptitudes, as well as to inform everyone of the activities for the day ahead. Next will be a light but energetic lunch, to discover healthy and nutritious food, then moving on to energising activities in the afternoon to work on interpersonal relationships – in the form of team games. Finally, there will be a debriefing to discuss the work done on the day and ending by relaxing at the spa; creating the sense of a full and invigorating circular journey.


The proposed activities can include:

  • Circuit training and small tournaments in different sports;
  • Relaxing and introspective activities such as Pilates, Reiki, breathing techniques, Yoga or quick shiatsu massages that can also be oriented towards a more meditative aspect;
  • Engaging activities such as Zumba to create fun and dynamic moments.

To develop an effective wellness team program many companies, as outlined above, are calling in professionals in the sector of event management, holistic training and hospitality. For example, physical education specialists and instructors for managing the physical activities (ensuring the health and safety of the participants) public speaking specialists to deal with the organisation of freedom of expression and relaxation, and professional caterers to provide excellent and high-quality healthy foods to fuel and celebrate the day’s events.

We hope that this article as illuminated the concept of corporate well-being events and perhaps inspired you to hold such an event. If you have any questions in regards to our catering and private chef in Lincolnshire services, please contact us today or view our corporate food menu and place your order!


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