6 Regional Foods To Put On Your Menu

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Throwing a shindig can be an awful lot of fun but there’s also an awful lot of planning that needs to be done – not least of which is the food. This is such an important part of putting on a successful event as you don’t want people to go hungry or complain that the fare wasn’t up to scratch – so do talk to party caterers in Lincolnshire if you want a few hints and tips.

What we here at Food Art Catering did think might be quite a fun menu idea would be featuring all sorts of different regional dishes from all over the UK.

That way you cater for all sorts of different tastes, while giving people a treat from their particular area… sure to be a talking point throughout the evening. It could even be quite educational, if that’s the direction you want to go in! So here are a few delicious regional dishes that might sway you.


This is a Welsh delicacy, also known as Welshman’s caviar – and it would certainly be an interesting addition to any menu. It’s seaweed that’s been boiled for a very long time before being minced into paste. They serve it for breakfast, mixed with oatmeal that’s then formed into a patty and fried.

Pease pudding

You might also hear this called pease pottage or pease porridge, a savoury dish made of spices, boiled legumes and split yellow peas. It goes very well with bacon and ham, so if this is on your menu why not give it a try.

Moggie cake

For a pudding option, try this Yorkshire moggie cake on for size. It’s a raised cake (that has no eggs in it) that’s usually made with ginger and lots of golden syrup or treacle. Chuck some stem ginger in there for a bit of added pizzazz.


This is a Staffordshire dish that was traditionally eaten by potters in the region who couldn’t afford to eat fresh food each day… but it’s now become a bit of a treat that people look forward to enjoying with the family. It’s delicious, hearty and nutritious – and won’t break the bank so perfect for feeding the 5,000.

Bakewell tart

You should probably have something very recognisable on the table somewhere and everyone knows what a Bakewell tart looks like. This originated from Bakewell in Derbyshire and is absolutely delicious, a firm favourite with practically everyone!

Stargazy pie

Look to Cornwall for this particular pie offering – its origins can actually be traced way back to the 16th century. It’s a dish made of baked sardines or pilchards, with eggs and potatoes, that are all then covered up with a pastry crust. But the key feature of this pie is that the fish heads and even the tails sometimes protrude out from the crust – so it really will be a talking point if you have this on offer at your party.


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