What To Serve At A Children’s Party Kids Will Love

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Over the years, expectations surrounding kids’ parties have certainly grown, and parents are always keen to outdo each other when it comes to celebrating another year in the life of their youngster.

Of course, one of the most important aspects of a party is the menu, so here are our suggestions of what to serve at a kid’s party that will be a hit with both children and adults.


  • Buffets

The great thing about buffets is there is sure to be something for everyone, no matter how fussy your little one is. If you hire buffet catering in Lincolnshire, you can even make specific requests for your menu to accommodate all food allergies and aversions.

Children love buffets as they can serve themselves what they want and go back for more without restriction. There is also a good variety of meat, vegetables, carbohydrates, fruit, drink and pudding, so your youngster won’t just fill up on sweet treats.

Parents are also fans of buffets, as it means they can help themselves to any delicious leftovers!


  • Hog roasts

Hog roasts are favourites at weddings, BBQs and corporate events, but they are also great for kids’ parties. Most children love the sweet taste of the barbecued meat and the buns are a big hit with little ones, as they can enjoy their own hog roast burger and feel very grown-up indeed.

While hog roasts are unusual, your child is sure to love the familiar taste of pork, giving them the opportunity to try something new they will like. What’s more, as these are cooked on site, you can be confident they are fresh and safe to eat.


  • Ice-ream van

Parents are often worried about the amount of sugar consumed at children’s parties, but it is a special occasion after all. So why not spoil your little one by hiring an ice-cream van?

Serving children fresh whippy ice-creams or ice lollies will certainly make the celebration one to remember, and all the kids are sure to love the novelty!


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