The Hog Roast – Perfect For Your Wedding Breakfast!

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There’s no escaping the fact that feeding all your guests at your wedding can quickly become really rather expensive. Of course, you want everyone to have a good time and enjoy the food but you also don’t want to bankrupt yourself – so a hog roast is actually perfect for feeding the 5,000 at a reasonable price.

But don’t think that it’s a boring budget option. Far from it, in fact! The pig itself could actually just be the start of it and you could add all sorts of accompaniments and side dishes to really jazz your hog roast up.

What about some delicious homemade apple sauce, for example? You could also jar some of this up and leave it on the tables as favours for people to take home with them afterwards. And don’t forget about delicious crunchy crackling, lots of stuffing and even fried onions so people can eat their fill.

Another really fun option – and something a little different – could be to ask your Lincoln wedding caterers to whip up batches of amazingly fluffy Yorkshire puddings but instead of having them in pudding form, use them as wraps for the meat instead.

A Yorkshire wrap is seriously yummy and you could stuff them full of curly kale, horseradish, mustard, carrots, peas… whatever filling floats your boat, really. You can bet that your guests will be talking about your wedding breakfast for weeks to come!

Have a separate table to the side so guests can make their own wraps. You could even go all fancy with the likes of celeriac remoulade, cider and stuffing, spinach, crackling and apple sauce, rosemary roast potatoes… hog roasts certainly don’t have to be the dull choice, do they!


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